Rantimus PRhyme: I HAD A DREAM

I dreamt that we were truly independent
That our captors in our freedom were truly interested
That when the union jack was lowered we no longer answered to Downing
But I’m frowning ‘cos they ensured that in debts we’re drowning
The G-8 is clowning with the way that they’re sounding
I feel like screaming in their ears “give us us free”
But no one will allow me so I feel like slipping into a coma
Asking you all to wake me when I’m free
But I won’t, I’m not flying till I finish
You can’t close my chapter, I got too many pages
I dreamt true civilians ruled our country
Not dictators hiding their toga to fool all and sundry
I dreamt that places of worship were not moved by money
They didn’t have to rub it in that truth has fallen
Idolized their tummy, I’m sick of their grumbling
Now everything is tumbling; but I see a new world

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