Keep your eyes closed as I walk by your side
Hand in hand we go through the darkest aisle
Optimism our opium for the hardest times
We hope we will survive, beneath the Starless skies
We’re crying out for justice, our voices barely heard
We’re just another face, on Mark Zucker’s Berg
We tell our sordid tales to Jack Dorsey’s Birds
Hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus’ beard
They say that fair is foul, they say that foul is fair
Truth is just an artifact, hidden in Devil’s Lair
Even when they drag us, five fingers in the Hair
They can’t leave us in hell; we’re coming up for air
Let your eyes stay closed, but open up your mind
Look a bit more inward, hoping that you would find
The paths the great ones trod see if we can rewind
To the time we met the serpent, and pay him back in kind!



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