Wish I got to write you, when I had the chance to
Get across a word or two, just to tell you thank you
Wish I did all I could, to light your face with sparkles
As you smile; I wish I said goodbye
All by myself, tonight, I light this candle
Could you really be gone? I need a lie or half-truth
Turn back the clock, someone say the word
Tell me there was no storm, can someone make the clouds move?
Wish your Soul missed her flight, and the trip was cancelled
Open your eyes dear; just take a look around you
Tell us you are alive, so they won’t inter you
Mum is right beside you, crying out her eyes too
Daddy had a bad flu from the day he heard the sad news
He’s trying to be strong, because they said he has to
I hear him blame himself for not being there to guide you
It’s hard to be a man, when death and grief surrounds you
Wish I cared about you, in life more than I now do
Hung on your every word, like they were laws and statutes
Now I know what it’s like, to write a note without you
Commenting and texting, that it was impactful
 If your page were a hall, I’m sure it will be packed full
With friends, family and tears, this world is such a dark room
Why do the good ones go, for death to boost their value?
They say your name means life, so I’m really baffled
Can death swallow life? Did someone rig the battle?
Why is life so saddled with strife and senseless hassles?
Bring that glorious body, let this one be mangled
Death, damn you! I hope you know you’d die too?
God will rip the skies to, gather all the saints
No more would Kidneys fail, no more pain and anguish
Lord, haste the day, this is what I pray
I wish you’d bring her back, but she’s gone to a better place
We need to be reminded that we’re here for a while
The ‘hi’ s and the ‘bye’s ,we smile and we cry,
The ambulance, the hearse, humanity, the curse
How long would we mourn, friends and family gone?
Their memories live on, in our hearts, they’re reborn
They are watching from beyond, this threshold of pain
Smiling at our ignorance, for thinking they are lost
If our hopes are confined to the spheres of this life
And can’t figure why we’re born till  we die
Call us pathetic, and hang us on a Derrick
Of what use is long-life? See, I’m Eternal
There’s a quickening in my Spirit defying the infernal,
Powers, yeah, they only shine for a while
Drop this body in the Earth, a new one will arise
Shinning like the stars, transcending the skies
So, tell me why we fear to leave it all behind!

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