Rantimus PRhyme: I USED TO LOVE HER

Images Mock Me
I used to love my Country, I still think I do
Now when I see the flag, everything is blurry blue
It’s like a room of mirrors, images mocking you
You try to seek a way out, the walls are blocking you
Our men love to be daddies; they’re good at keeping Mum!
Leaders pretend to be Gandhis, bleeding and killing us
Clerics are fleecing us, we kneel believing God
We don’t want to be dead Lions, keep us as Living Dogs!
I miss the days Newspapers were simply Black and White
Now everything is colored with media lies and spice
Too many Grey Areas, it’s hard to Bat an Eye
The truth that once was showcased, lost to ‘Smash and Grab’
Whither the stain free banner? Gone with the former Anthem
A Flag with bloody motif, soiled in the hands of Madmen
We’re filled with many visions, nightmares coming in tandem
A sea of clueless faces bow to the ones that scam them
Perpetual Half-Mast

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