Rantimus PRhyme: Follow The Bleeder

Whither the Maiden of Justice?…her Rapist was the Bailiff
Take hold of my hand and lead me with a blindfold
Through the twisted bends; run me through a Light pole
Rip open my wounds, pierce me like a Psycho
I’m going up in bits, like you’re pounding me with Nitro
The Merchant Ships are here, I heard you plan to sell me
To far distant lands, you never cared for my well-being
The future looks so bleak, I behold it with trembling
It’s time for midnight snacks, now we’re turned to gremlins
Wither the Justice Maiden? She’s no longer a Maiden
You got someone to rape her; I even heard you paid him
He didn’t have the dignity to treat her like a Lady
She had her day in court, her Rapist was the Bailiff
Your forebears sold me, I’m scarred by the betrayal
Deep furrows on my back, my knees are worn with prayers
We watched as freedom died, and vowed to serve her slayers
 She’s buried in our dreams, now we’re up for sale on PayPal!
The Merchant Ships

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