Monthly Archives: August 2011


    The mobile office on 3rd Mainland Bridge
Food, drinks and all, fresh from the fridge
We stay in the sun till our eyes turn beige
Selling your indulgence catering to your binge
We sleep on the slabs praying for traffic
Our hustle runs deep, our pain is graphic
Sadly our prayers are shared by bandits
Let down your glass and get some banging

We stick to the Trade till Kai comes calling


We stick to the trade till Kai comes calling
The Laws may change but the Sky’s not falling
Confiscate our wares and keep us locked in
Gala must go! We keep on hawking
We hardly fall asleep, yet we’re filled with dreams
Of a life of comfort when we can pay our bills
Far beyond the Lagoon, well over the Seas
But then we sight the vans and take fast to our heels!

Rantimus PRhyme:LEGEND

Legends come, legends go,
They kiss the Earth, a seed is sown
Some were young, some got old
They never stay till the Tree is grown
Some were mourned, some were mocked
Some were wronged, and died unsung
On trumped up charges, some were docked
Against them gavels and big wigs swung
The cause seemed lost, still they fought
Some got shot, some got hung
Some were gassed, poisoned lungs
In foreign lands asylum sought
Legends Poor, legends broke
They leave the Earth with wounded souls
On greedy tongues, a myth is cloned
Of concealed wealth and pristine cloaks

Rantimus PRhyme:Dear Ken (LETTER TO SARO WIWA)

We’re hiding in a Shell, Nine nooses on our Logo

                                          Dear Ken,
It is not your birthday nor is it November 10th
But I just can’t help what’s ringing in my head
A lot has changed since they forced out your breath
The Niger Delta struggle is now about bread
Ogoni still bleeds, Shell wants to help
Were they not the same people that dragged us to hell?
Everything is blurry, we need to retell
The dark paths you trod, the nights in the cell
You dying with the conviction, that all will be well 
I wish I could say that, but it’s so hard to tell
It’s all being hijacked by the dregs of the Earth
Those on the right side have crossed to the left
With juicy packages, lodged in hotels
Amnesty for thugs, a fortune is spent
Spoil Peter slay Paul, Royalty for rent
Keep the gas burning, it’s all for the Wells
Impostors have risen, lip-syncing Isaac Boro 
I see them and exclaim You Too (U2)? Like Bono
The burden bearer is weak, worn out like Frodo
Funny names we hear, Cynthia White, John Togo
Activists are boy bands, many have gone solo
They want to be millionaires, blame it on Edoho
Those who say the truth, are slept upon like Vono
We try to raise our heads, by looking down, no hope
Our learning brings more pain, Haram to this Boko
We’re hiding in a Shell, Nine nooses on our Logo
We’re very close to government, the surname of Tompolo
Still someone is asking, who is Jomo Gbomo?
The saga still continues, though everything is so-so
There’s so much that is cooked, hard to take the Combo
I’d love to drop my pen, Ken, I’m trying hard, no show 
‘Cos those who fought by your side, are hanging out in Grottos!

Rantimus PRhyme: LINES OF FURY

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Feel my lines, feel my fury
Me and my bars, make up the jury
Drink my wrath, straight from the brewery
Judgment is served, I’m done with schooling
Brought my fist down hard, smashing the pulpit
“This is for the streets!” not for Rookies
Catch the gleam, something is looming
Feel the steam, Plumb is cooking
Society is skewed, the Church is looking
Why won’t they? The Bishop is musing
Can’t jeopardize his tithe, I’m nigh to puking
Bring crooks to church, ordain them as deacons
Receive stolen funds, erect your building
Welcome to Cathief-dral, play me some music
Don’t blink too hard, the devil’s in Gucci
Re-enact the passion, like Jim Caviezel
Feel the stained glass, this is not Da Vinci
Toast to the whore’s wine, bloody martini
The world’s in a hearse, I hear the screaming
“Save me from myself” none is listening
Even the informed, know next to diddly
They engrossed in bickering, but I’m shining my beacon
Screaming ‘May-day’, but y’all is busy
Rome burns, Nero’s fiddling
Like it or not, I fight to finish
Ain’t flying till I finish, vitriol is dripping
Drink it in, ensure you’re sipping
Increase your kicks, I’d still be spitting
From lethargic jaws, your soul delivering
Feel my pulse, take the rhythm
I hate to pause but I have a feeling
Y’all be bored and lose the meaning!